Integrated ATPL


Training objective

• To prepare the ab initio student for the theoretical knowledge required for the Airline Transport Pilot license
• And to operate a multi-engine aircraft in IFR as a professional pilot for an airline

Conditions of admission

• Baccalaureate with major in Science or Technique
• Selection test that includes
◦ academic test (Maths/Physics)
◦ psychotechnic aptitude test
◦ interview
• Class 1 medical certificate


1. Theoretical training
• Officially approved by Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority
• Based on the 14 subjects of the ATPL program:
• Basic flight course on FNPT

2. Flight training:
Total of 220-240 flight hours on
• Diamond DA 40 Glass Cockpit aircraft
• Diamond DA 42 Glass Cockpit aircraft

3. MCC ( optional)
• 28 hours of theoretical training
• 20 hours of flight on A320/ B 737 NG simulator

Training duration and location

TOTAL: 22-24 months:
• theoretical training : 9 -10 months Douala
• Practical training 10 months out of Cameroon
• MCC 1 month
• Holidays and assistance for travel arrangements

Training curriculum

• Training is delivered in English language, based on EASA requirements
• Theoretical courses from books and interactive computer based training
• Flight time on aircrafts DA 40 and DA 42 Garmin 1000 equipped
• MCC on A320 or B737 flight simulator

Training graduation

• ATPL A theoretical certificate delivered by Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority (CCAA)
• Commercial Pilot License delivered by Ministry of transport
• IFR and ME qualifications
• MCC certificate
• Possible double graduation : CCAA + EASA