About Sabena Flight Academy Africa

The aviation industry is growing fast in Africa and in the world. The need for pilots, flight dispatchers and cabin crews, had never been so important and young people are available to fullfil these exalting positions.
But Africa has a challenge !

African countries have traced their national regulations on the best international standards, and they now have to give evidence that these regulations were likened, and that the culture of safety and security is as of now in the midst of the concerns of the african air transport environment.

Sabena Flight Academy Africa was created by professionals to tackle this challenge of the aviation industry, with the educational support of best world aviation training centers.

SFA-Africa Instructors were trained in the best schools of the world and enriched of a technical and managerial work experience with world-famous airliners.

Beyond the official programs and syllabus, most of the instructors are invited to liven up conférences, workshops, opened to the professionals of the air transport industry to maintain the link with the business world.
Thus, Sabena flight academy stood out as a meeting place between the civil aviation administration of several African countries, airline companies and an ambitious youth, eager to acquire knowledge and know-how.

Sabena Flight Academy is owned by Cameroonians, in partnership with the old Belgian school Sabena Flight Academy, now renamed CAE Oxford Aviation Academy Brussels, 100% owned by Canadian group CAE, the world's leading provider of flight simulation solutions.


Jean-Yves KOTTO

Chairman of the board

MBA Finance (USA)

« We train people with the best international standards to become tomorrow’s leaders in the aviation industry »

Cpt Joseph BARLA

General Manager

Air Transport Pilot (ENAC)

« We are in a fast changing and growing world in the Aviation industry and safety must always be our primary goal »

Emmanuel NGANSOP

Head of training

Civil Aviation Engineer (ENAC)

« We make sure that our trainees keep in mind that training is an ongoing process and even throughout their future career »

Our team of instructors