Load Master

Training objective

At the end of the training the student will be able
• to execute most tasks of the load control of a commercial aircraft. ( ie. D1, C2, D3)
• And to coordinate the execution of these tasks by people adequately trained in order to respect the schedule and the general procedures, including safety and security procedures.

Admission conditions

• General secondary school level
• Practice of English
• An interview to check decision capacity and stress management
• Check of previous experience


• Regulations and operations organization
• Aircraft knowledge and Weight and balance
• Safety and security
• Dangerous goods transportation
• Human factors

Training duration

14 – 21 days

Training curriculum

• Theoretical course in classroom
• Computer based training
• Group discussions
• Practical exercises
• Visit to airline station at the airport

Training graduation

• Certificate of graduation by the school attached with details of the course

Training location

• SFA-Africa, Douala, Cameroun or at customer location