Dangerous Goods Transportation

Dangerous Goods Transportation
To give the different categories of students the appropriate and mandatory training on identification, classification, handling and on transportation of dangerous goods, under normal or emergency situation.
Marking and Labeling
Storage and handling

Emergency drills

This program is delivered depending on the category of students as approved by Civil Aviation Authority and under IATA recommendations

Recurrent training available on request
1 to 3 days
Pilots (2 days)
Load Masters and Flight Dispatchers (2 days)
Cargo Acceptance Officers (5 days)
Cabin Crew (2 days)
Security Officers and Passenger Handling Agents (2 days)
On demand
Maximum of 16
IATA Certified Instructor
Progress tests
Final evaluation test
Certificate of Proficiency Issued by IATA Certified Instructor
Recommendation by an Airline Operator or any Transportation Company
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