Training objective

• To prepare the ab initio student for the theoretical knowledge required for the Airline Transport Pilot license
• And to operate a multi-engine aircraft in IFR as a professional pilot for an airline

Conditions of admission

• Baccalaureate with major in Science or Technique
• Selection test that includes
◦ academic test (Maths/Physics)
◦ psychotechnic aptitude test
◦ interview
• Class 1 medical certificate


1. Theoretical training
• Officially approved by Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority
• Based on the 14 subjects of the ATPL program:
• Basic flight course on FNPT

2. Flight training:
Total of 220-240 flight hours on
• Diamond DA 40 Glass Cockpit aircraft
• Diamond DA 42 Glass Cockpit aircraft

3. MCC ( optional)
• 28 hours of theoretical training
• 20 hours of flight on A320/ B 737 NG simulator

Training duration and location

TOTAL: 22-24 months:
• theoretical training : 9 -10 months Douala
• Practical training 10 months out of Cameroon
• MCC 1 month
• Holidays and assistance for travel arrangements

Training curriculum

• Training is delivered in English language, based on EASA requirements
• Theoretical courses from books and interactive computer based training
• Flight time on aircrafts DA 40 and DA 42 Garmin 1000 equipped
• MCC on A320 or B737 flight simulator

Training graduation

• ATPL A theoretical certificate delivered by Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority (CCAA)
• Commercial Pilot License delivered by Ministry of transport
• IFR and ME qualifications
• MCC certificate
• Possible double graduation : CCAA + EASA

Integrated ATPL

1What is the minimum age to become a pilot?
You must be at least 21 at the time your Airline Pilot license is issued
2What is the minimum education level required to do the training?
A level with a minimum of 1-year University in science major is recommended. A written test in math and physic will evaluate your capacity to follow the course
3What is the meaning of CCAA?
CCAA stands for Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority, the governing body that oversees safety and security in air transport according to international standards
4Will I be able to work anywhere with my Cameroonian pilot license?
CCAA issued license is ICAO compliant and based on EASA-like program, ICAO being the United Nation entity that governs the international civil air transport. Each country has its own employment rules
55 What is the duration of the course?
The course duration is 24 months
6After graduating from the school, do you provide a job?
No, it is your responsibility to find a job
7Do you provide or help secure a scholarship?
No, you must provide your source of payment at time of registration
8Do you provide accommodation?
No, the school can help in finding one
9Do you offer any installments payments for the tuition?
A tuition payment plan is available at the time of registration
10I wear medical glasses, can I still became a pilot?
Yes, within the limits of a Class 1 medical certificate.