Training Objectives

• To acqaint the Cabin Crew student with the practtice of the English lanquage, in his/her professional environment.
• To bring the student to express him/herself spontaneously in English language

Conditions for admission

• Be a Cabin Crew student who has completed their initial training
• Be a Cabin Crew member who whishes to improve spontaneity in dealing in the English language with customers and colleagues


Study and discussions related to the following situations of the Cabin Crew member activities Introduction to Cabin Crew
• Pre-flight
• Boarding
• Cabin services and amenties
• Health and medical issues
• Safety and emergencies
• Descent landing and lay over
• Getting a job

Training duration

Total of 42 hours in 3 weeks

Training curriculum

• A classroom course
• Group discussions
• Situational Drills
• General awareness exercises
• Output test

Training validation

• Sabena Flight Academy/CAE Douala certificate for successful completion

Training location

• SFA-Africa Douala, Cameroun