Others trainings



Humans, teaching and learning resources in place for the main courses allow us to offer other regulated training, specific to a family of staff or transversal for all types of operating staff.
These trainings are carried out within the framework of the approvals of the main trainings or with specific approvals

Initial or recurrent trainings

Instructor courses
• Type rating instructor ( TRI) flight deck crews
• Type rating instructor ( TRI) cabin crews

Dangerous Goods Transportation courses
• Handling, storage and loading staff
• Goods acceptation staff
• Passenger services and personal screening staff
• Flight deck crews and load masters
• Cabin crews and welcome staff

Crew resource management courses (CRM)
• Flight crew, cabin crew, flight dispatchers and all Ops personnel
• Mechanics
• Command CRM for new captain or new Purser
• CRM for instructors

Specific training for Flight Deck crews
• Performance Based Navigation ( PBN)

Specific training for Flight Deck crews
Qualification de type B 737
Qualification de type Q 400

SMS and Aviation Security courses