Training objective

• To prepare the student for the official examinations for the Cabin Crew certificate
• And prepare him/her to perform in an airline crew the cabin crew duties regarding first aid, safety and security

Conditions of admission

• Holder of a baccalaureate or equivalent ( or sponsored by an airline )
• Be able to swim
• Class 2 medical certificate


• Safety and First aid theoretical course approved by Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority
• Safety and First aid practical training approved by Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority
• Supplementary courses for airline integration as a cabin crew member
◦ Dangerous good transportation
◦ Aviation security
◦ Crew resource management
◦ Cabin crew English
◦ Option : B 737, MA 60 and Q 400 cabin crew type rating

Training duration and location

TOTAL: 240 hours
3 months

Training curriculum

• Classroom courses and computer based training
• Group discussions
• Practice with real safety and first aid equipment
• Water and fire drills
• Wing and ramp slide evacuations
• Type rating exercises on mock up and real aircraft

Training validation

• Cabin crew certificate by Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority
• SFA-Africa certificates approved by CCAA for the supplementary training courses

Training location

• SFA-Africa Douala, Cameroun
• Theoretical course on airline premises ( on request)